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gift certificate, La Plume Noir Exclusive Etsy Store Gift Certificate good for 25 Dollars



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The answer to your Gift Shopping prayers!!!\u2665\r\rSometimes picking the right present for someone is hard, especially when people's tastes are hard to please!\r\rNow you can GIVE someone some La Plume Noir Jewelry, and not have to pick it out yourself!!\r\r\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665\r\rThis particular cift Certificate is good for the Value of:\r$25\r\rI will personally send you a Gift Certificate written out in this dollar amount you have chosen.\rI will include a redeemable Gift Certificate code # which the recipient will use to redeem at checkout when they make their purchase!\r\r\u2665Easy as pie!!\u2665\r\r\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665\r\r~ Gift Certificates for $50 can be found HERE!:\rhttps://www./listing/115910113/la-plume-noir-exclusive-etsy-store-gift\r\r~ Gift Certificates for $100 can be found HERE!:\rhttps://www./listing/115910170/la-plume-noir-exclusive-etsy-store-gift?ref=v1_other_2\r\r\r\r~** Other additional information **~\r\r\u2665I can add a short, personalized message on the Certificate if you'd like me to do so.\rJust leave your desired message when YOU checkout in the comments box for this transaction!\r\r\u2665La Plume Noir Gift Certificates are same as cash only in my Etsy Store. If a person uses their whole dollar amount up on their G.C. they will have to pay the remainder of their difference on their own, using PayPal or a Credit card!\r\r\u2665In the case a person doesn't use their entire dollar amount, it stays as "Store Credit" within the La Plume Noir Etsy Store! I will keep track of the dollar amounts left over, and issue them a store credit code to use at another time!\r\r\u2665If you have any other questions about La Plume Noir Gift Certificates before you buy, don't hesitate to message me here on Etsy!! ^_^, mothers day gift

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