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yellow gold, White Sapphire with Ruby Accent Ring



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Set in a durable sterling silver and Rhodium Coated for lasting wear and shine. This Genuine Heat Only White Sapphire measures 7mm=1.35ct. \rOrigin Sri Lanka\rThere are a total of 10 2mm each Genuine Rubies. There is 5 rubies on either side. So, no matter how you put it on, it is right.\rCan be made with emeralds, yellow sapphires, white sapphire, blue sapphires, accents.\rSapphires have the hardness of 9, where a diamond is a 10. \rLooks and shines just like or better than a diamond!\rIf you were to buy a diamond this size, it would be thousands.\rCan be made in white or yellow gold at the market price.\rLayaway available.\rMade To Order., lady

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