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Gold earrings with the Hebrew word for "Love" - ahava. The circle is just over 1/2 inch wide and is adorned with Turquoise. Total length is about 1.25 inches. The earrings are made of gold plated brass and Turquoise.\r\rThis was my moms idea to make earrings with the word "ahava" on them :) Go mom! isn't my mom just so cool?\r\rThank you for looking at my gold earrings! I also make other judaica jewelry in my shop, and I'd love for you to stop by and check out the other earrings and the rest of the jewelry sometime. \r\rCARE INSTRUCTIONS \rThe jewelry pieces are PLATED so they should not come in contact with water, or chemicals such as perfumes that will harm the plating. Improper care (such as showering, swimming, spraying perfumes directly on it or sleeping with it) of the piece can seriously harm it. \r~~~\rKelka\r\rHebrew jewelry, Love jewelry, Gold earrings ,Ahava, short earrings, Turquoise, gold jewelry, Israel jewelry, spiritual jewelry, inspiration, turquoise

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