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Exquisite Skye New Zealand Paua Abalone North Island Warm Pink Shell'sfaux pearls, Silver Color Glass Faux Pearls 20" length Necklace



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Absolutely exquisite necklace with 12 small New Zealand paua abalone North Island warm pink shell pendants and an 80x25mm long warm pink New Zealand paula abalone North Island pendant. The New Zealand paua abalone South Island gold/blue/green hints shimmer in these lovely small warm pink shells, with round silver color Pearl-like glass beads. A fancy silver tone ribbed twist style clasp closure set on this 20 inch length necklace.\r\rPaua Abalone Shell and said to be a stone of 'Wisdom' and especially helpful to the horoscope signs of cancer and Capricorn. It is said they benefit the base, forehead and crown chakras and are used for healing of bones, allergies as well as to help calm and alleviate fear and warn of danger.\r\r{ island styleAll measurements and descriptions are approximate. This exquisite one-of-a kind piece is crafted and handled with gentleness, infused and cleansed with Reiki balancing and healing energy. All healing information is offered without guarantee or promise of any gifts and abilities. Information is shared with loving kindness by Reiki Practioner-Teacher-Master, Renee Monroe, 'ExquisiteSkye '. We implore you to recieve this gift of light energy in its perfection.}

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