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fondant, large Marquise Jewel Flower Pendant Silicone Mold 09



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The size of this mold is 2 1/8 inches across \r\rThese are made from food grade silicone and can be used in a variety of food related applications like fondant, gumpaste, isomalt, chocolate etc. They are flexible and bendable and can be used over and over . They can also be used for non food applications like resin, clay, just do not interchange their uses . \r\rI ship worldwide using US postal service, regular parcel mail. It takes a few days to get to the US, usually within 2-4 days and International shipments take a week to two weeks on average.\r\rIf you want international priority shipping, it starts at $23 and that can handle many sets since it is a small flat rate box. Let me know if you prefer that., jewel

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