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CLEAR AB Crystal Hair Comb Bridal Swarovski Crystal ElementsColor: Clear ABWidth: Approx.: 2-7/8"Made of: 100% genuine Swarovski Crystal ElementsThe comb makes the perfect accent to matching jewelry designs in our Ebay store. It is made with Swarovski Crystal bicones and Swarovski clear crystal silver-plated rondelles. The AB (Aurora Borealis) is an iridescent coating that gently reflects the colors around them. They are very beautiful to look at.These combs can be made in any of the Swarovski Crystal and/or Pearl colors or a combination of colors. If you don't see the color you need listed in my Etsy store, just email your request. An Original Design by Tina KincaidBrand New and Made for you!Matching 2-crystal Drop Earrings:https://www./listing/198805636Matching 3-crystal Drop Earrings:https://www./listing/229047423Matching Chandelier Earrings:https://www./listing/189861146Matching Bracelet:https://www./listing/198676212Matching Necklace:https://www./listing/199377320Matching Necklace:https://www./listing/229252404Matching Illusion Necklace:https://www./listing/194728443Matching Anklet:https://www./listing/188594757/This item comes gift-boxed. Sets may be boxed together.CHANGE THE COLOR!We stock most Swarovski crystal colors, all which are equally as beautiful in this design. You are welcome to email special requests for color or color combinations and check for availability., crystal hair comb

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