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variscite, Dyed Variscite Pendulum



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Dyed variscite pendulum with amethyst beads.\r\rThis stone is known for it's remarkable soothing and clarifying properties, as well as it's ability to align and balance the connection between the Light and Physical bodies.\rVariscite promotes a serenity through balance and universal love.\rAs a stone of prosperity, Variscite helps one to find financial stability while avoiding excess.\r\rAlways remember with any crystal or mineral you should cleanse it in a mild solution of salt water to release any energies the crystal has absorbed in it's journey to you.\rHowever, each specimen is delicate and should be treated as such. You may cleanse in raw brown rice or with sound, light, or a smudge stick. If using light do so sparingly because light can affect the color of the crystal., amethyst

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