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bakelite, Reverse Carved Bakelite and "Depression Diamonds" Clip. Marked. Tested. NYC 1930s. Unusual



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Fantastic reverse carved bakelite clip.\rAuthentic, American bakelite was manufactured approximately between the 2 World Wars. The early bakelite pieces were made to replicate fine jewelry (later, during the '40s, the jewelry became whimsical). This was in the 1930s, during the depression, and it was very vulgar to wear diamonds when so many were suffering. This is one of those early pieces. The "apple juice" bakelite would have originally been clear bakelite, with bright red polka dots, surrounded by "depression diamonds" - aka rhinestones. It is an unusual piece.\rFor more details on how the bakelite was prepared, please see photo # 5. \r\rThis is an unusual and interesting piece. It can be worn on a jacket, or purse, or clipped to a chain to wear as a pendant.\rMeasures about 1.75" long.\r\rMARKS:\rThe back is marked "WMCA", which stands for "White Metal Casters Association", based in New York in the 1930s. Please see photo #5.\r\rCONDITION:\rTwo small issues:\rA small craze can be seen under magnification, on the back side. Please see photo #5.\rOne rhinestone near the bottom is "dead", meaning it is gray with no luster or shine.\rOther than that, it is in very nice vintage condition.\rAll stone are present. \rNo chips on the bakelite., bakelite

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