Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

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Ethiopia, Eritrean combination necklace. Antique ornaments, vintage beads(Wollo anklet beads).Emperor Menelik II Thaler, coptic cross, earspoon, amulets, prayerbox, all of good silver 700-800/1000 beads of 600-700/1000. The thaler close to sterling silver. Colored in with faux amber beads. This combination is a marriage of Ethiopia and Eritrea. It is to be worn as a bandolier(across the shoulder). I took the idea from the way Strings of Jimma beads are worn, several kept together with a ring(across the shoulder) and the amulet boxes in Eritrea (also across the shoulder) on a string. So here the result.Will look exciting and stylish when p.e. on a simple black dress. A proper eye catcher.I have made this necklace on and off since 1978 ,timeless and clients who purchased this item give me back enthusiastic reports.On top it being all good items it can always be re-used. This is a fact with all good materials.In short a elegant and exotic necklace,bandolier.It measures 135 cm. Can be made longer against cost, will depend on how much needed., coptic cross

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