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Polymer clay / Fimo Earrings Muffins - (Dangle Earrings) - Decorated with Fruits - Miniature charms



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These earrings Muffins are made by hand with fimo / polymer clayMuffins are our passion! I like to say "There is Muffin we can do!"So...Don't miss these delicious Muffins!A sweet earrings for make your style unique and very original! Wear up miniature sweets enriched with any details.I offer this sweet Muffins as Earrings, Hair Clip or Necklace choose which version you prefer!\u25aaThe earrings include a couple of them.\u25aa This item size is: 1,75 x 1,5 cm\u00bb Be sure to read my policies about "Shipment Profiles" , "Combined Shipping" and "Items made by Hand" before complete the order.Our shop doesn't assume any responsibility about problems caused by Standard Shipping Profile.Kisses \u2113l\u24b9.

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