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energy, CUSTOMIZED Orgone Energy. Oval Reiki Master Attuned



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Reiki Master Attuned *REQUIREMENT: Custom pendants made upon request, for Best results message us what your life is needing or missing, we will accommodate and create it to the best we can, avoiding any medical claims. Other benefits can be individual and researched on your own by searching each gem that is added. Orgone Energy is infinite and will never stop giving off Positive energy continuously removing negative energy. Always jam packed to enhance energies! The more the merrier.Pendant glows Turquoise Blue or Neon green in the dark or dim light, the glow can be charged infinitely by any light (sunlight works best).*You choose the glow in the dark color*You choose the string and bead. *The string comes in brown soft deerskin leather, or soft but strong waxed cotton in black or brown. *Beads are either hematite, Zen green, or earthly wood.Orgone energy has been around since the beginning of time. Historically traced back 10,000 years, this has been hidden from kept only for royalty. Now you can have the power of orgone energy, infused with light your spirit will rise! We believe in only the Best, we use eco safe epoxy and clean metals. All Gems and Crystals are 100% pure and organic, everything is extra cleansed and super charged before the sacred process. Using unity, love, and Oneness all positive intentions are infused into everything being used. There are different power levels of orgone energy, we only use the most powerful and pure combinations for all chakras. Wearing orgone will give you and others around you more than you can imagine. You will have constant protection from negative forces, cleansing them into positive energy. Orgone energy is the life force that is everything in the universe, therefore it is infinite energy and will last forever. May you find the best One for you my friend. Unity, Love, and Oneness with you all. -Light, positive

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