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Pure Silver and Conch Pearl ringpure silver jewelry, fine silver .999+pure silver jewelry, size 5.5



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Beautiful conch shell pearl ring for sell, size 5.5, should fit a finger about 16mm wide, handmade.This ring is made out of pure silver, apmex .999+ purity. The silver was hammered and rolled for strength, worked into the ring form and welded using arc. No other metals or solder was used, it is pure silver, so it will not tarnish or rust like sterling silver does, and it will stay white and shinny just like a high grade investment silver bullion coin.The pearl used is a Bahamian Queen Conch pearl, these pearls are very rare to find, but occasionally the are found by commercial fisherman. These pearls are natural, not harvested or seeded so that adds to the uniqueness of the ring.Paypal Credit available at checkout if selected the paypal payment option so no Interest if paid in full in 6 months on purchases of $99 or more., pure silver ring

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