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blue goldstone, Magnetic Hematite Necklace with Blue Goldstone Bars



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This handcrafted magnetic hematite necklace measures approximately 18-1/2 inches and features Grade AAA high-power 8mm x 12mm faceted beads. Alternating with the magnetic power are 4mm x 13mm blue goldstone bars subtly accented with tiny antique brass daisies. The high-powered beads does add some extra weight to this classic dark design with gold flecks that glisten in the light. It fastens with a high-power magnetic clasp.To remove necklace, place a thumbnail at the center of the clasp to "break" the magnetic field.Magnetic jewelry is both attractive and convenient; but for centuries it has been thought to promote healthy circulation, too.Magnetic jewelry should not be worn with a pacemaker. If pregnant, consult your health care professional before wearing., magnetic necklace

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