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Own my first born, made of bone, iron and metal. The dangles on the necklace make a pleasant deep jingling noise, and thus the necklace announces your arrival.Necklace is a commanding 19 inches long. The Bone centerpiece hangs just below your heart area and coins spill down your abdomen. I can adjust it shorter if you let me know before I ship it. Necklace is made of a single vertebrae bone, metal caps, and chain is handmade of iron wire.I happen to live by the motto "In rust we trust" and think that it is a beautiful desired patina. Please note: Because of the nature of the metal and wire used, if exposed to damp conditions, your necklace may develop a soft patina of rust in places. Rust is harmless, but if you do not like the patina, simply rub it with a clean cloth. If you wish to further retard rusting, apply a scant amount of mineral oil on the cloth and rub the metal bits to "seal" the metal while removing said rust. This will retard the rust patina from forming as quickly, though it may still show small signs of rust, as that is the nature of metal., cosplay

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