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Abundance (Purple Doodle) Tree PendantI have sealed a small print of my painting "Purple Doodle Tree" under a coating of durable, clear resin into this silver colored pendant. This bold and bright print is of an original watercolor and ink painting titled "Abundance Tree." Brightly colored and modern, this geometric style print is inspired by the Bible verse 2 Corinthians 9:8 "God abundantly provides every blessing needed so that you may always have enough of everything and may provide in abundance for every good work."I started painting these trees when I was teaching art to elementary students at the school where my children attended. I was always looking for projects that my students could feel successful doing. Originally, I called them Doodle Trees. And everyone can doodle right? :) I had so much fun watching the kids create their trees that I yearned to do one myself. I enjoyed it so much, that one tree then turned into a whole forest! The charm is ready to be placed on the chain of your choice. The charm itself measures 1 1/4" x 1 5/8", colorful jewelry

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