Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

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This beautiful laser cut wood necklace is made of birch plywood that's why it's very lightweight so it won't feel heavy when you are wearing it. Because it is made of plywood the wooden pendant is sustainable and eco - friendly. This minimal style necklace is for ladies who want to be different and unique and it's made to sit a bit bellow the collar bone.This wooden pendant offers the wearer the ability to showcase either side, one light and one dark, and the result is a piece of jewelry that is every bit as much a piece of statement art as it is fashion. The purchase of this listing is for one double sided wooden pendant with the following specifications: Style: Geometric pendantPendant: 7,5 x 3,5 centimetersChain: 20'' Materials: Birch wood and bronze chain Variations: Silver colored chain or antique bronze chain Each of these eco friendly laser cut necklaces are finished with water based varnish and are guaranteed to be unique. As such, each of these birch wood necklaces will have slight variations in color, texture, and wood grain appropriate to the natural raw components. If you would like to continue to shop for more laser cut jewelry including modern art jewelry, birch wood jewelry, or double sided necklaces you may return to the VioletAvenueJewelry shop home by clicking the following link: https://www./shop/VioletAvenueJewelry, anniversary gift

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