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Royston turquoise 45 carat thick nugget pendantturquoise pendants, rounded free form bluish-green gemstonesturquoise pendants, handmade .925 SS/14K gold plated tube chains



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Beautiful elegant thick nugget pendants made from good-sized smooth chunks of Royston rich turquoise gemstones. Each bluish-green turquoise gem is a rounded free form nugget and priced by carat weight. This listing is for a 45 carat turquoise gemstone. A 14K gold plated ball pin is inserted into the drilled gem and attached to a pretty handmade 14K gold plated tubular chain. A chain of up to 25" in length is included in the pricing of this gemstone pendant. The thickness of this turquoise nugget is at least 6.35mm or 1/4". These high-grade turquoise gems are gorgeous! We have a separate listing by carat weight for each of these handmade pendants.Please choose your chain length. NOW AVAILABLE in .925 Sterling Silver, as well.Deborah Ann Mac Manes, artist/designer <>

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