Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Elegant amethyst necklacependant, healing stonependant,goddess charm



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This is a very beatiful and one of a kind amethyst necklace made by me with the macram\u00e9 tecnique.Is very elegant and can be used in many ocasions.It as a very secure and ajustable sliding knot.Waterproof, doesn\u2019t loose it\u2019s color.Properties:*Amethyst comes from the ancient greeg word \u201cametusthos\u201d meaning \u201c not intoxicated\u201d, so this stone promotes sobriety in all imports physicaly, mentaly and spiritualy.*Being a very spiritual stone it represents the higher chakras.*Helps in momments of stress and enxiaty, helps in clear thinking and taking the right decision went in doubt.*Promotes love for the divineIf you have any questions please tellThank you, woman

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