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gold, Handpainted Necklace Midas the Octopus Pendant in Metallic Gold



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This octopus was painted a final metallic gold so of course, the name is Midas. It is hand painted with a metallic gold and has Swarovski crystal eyes that sparkle depending on how the light hits it.I buy a specialty paint that is made to work with metal and is thick enough to let me add fine details. The sealant I use protects the paint job even when frequently handled. I used Xilion light flatback crystals to give the eyes a little sparkle.The pendant finish will not chip or crack. You get to pick the chain, ribbon or cord when you check out. I started making these hand-painted octopus pendants in 2006 for a friend who was totally into anything cephalopod related. I sold many right here on Etsy during that time period. Many years later and now my daughter is the one who is fascinated with squids., pendant

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