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crystal, Wishing Quartz Pendant on Solid Sterling Chain



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Wishing Quartz or Anthill Quartz is a tiny form of beta Quartz that's brought to the earths surface by harvester ants in the desert of of the southwestern United States. They are perfect for holding and radiating whatever you put into them. They have the energies of cooperation , and teamwork entwined within them. Reflecting the complexity of a functioning society (or ant colony) and stimulating hard work energy, optimism and resolve. Comes on solid 925 sterling box chain with silver cap.The stone is contained in a glass tube, the pendant is sealed and does not open. The metal at the top of the pendant is silver plated probably over bronze or copper. I'm not sure of the base metal. The 925 sterling chain is 18" if ordered on cord, it is longer than that and adjustable.. Metal clasps for silk cord option is coming soon! As of now, it is just loose cord that needs to be tied., optimism

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