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Adorable mini Bunnybake charm! The cinnamon swirl carrot cake was crafted with a custom blend of clays and real cinnamon - it smells so good! The cute lop-eared bunny rabbit filling sits in a real tissue cupcake liner and is topped with a cream cheese glaze icing and a teeny tiny orange carrot on top! This mini dessert could add a touch of whimsy to your spring wardrobe or make an adorable addition to an Easter basket! Bunnybake Ingredients:*Polymer clay*Cinnamon *Tissue paper*Acrylic paintYour purchase will be carefully wrapped in tissue, placed in a mini organza bag, bubble wrapped and mailed in a bubble mailer via USPS First Class Mail. Upgraded gift packaging is available on request for a small fee.**fireflyFrippery\u2019s cute creations consist mainly of cured polymer clay. While some of our charms can look quite yummy and polymer clay is non-toxic, they should not be eaten! This clay is pretty tough stuff once baked but is breakable with enough effort, so please treat your jewelry and sculptures with a little Tender Loving Care. Many pieces have been sealed for greater durability; however, wearables shouldn\u2019t be worn in the shower or pool, while you\u2019re getting ready (ie: spraying perfume or hairspray), to the gym or a workout, or to clean the house. Avoid oils, solvents, and chemical cleaners. Wipe clean with a damp cloth. Mild hand or dish soap can be used sparingly if needed on all but painted pieces., rabbit cupcake

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