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Agate Onyx Braceletgemstone bracelet, 925 Sterling Silver



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**Impressive dragon agate Rondelle paired with twisted onyx olives give this 21.5 cm long bracelet its own mysticism. **The dragon agate \u2013 its appearance alone is fascinating \u2013 in grey black with milky-glut-like inclusions, it reminds of the scales of a dragon. It belongs to the group of fire agates that arise from the fire of the volcanoes.** The agate of fire has been a decorative object for millennia and is known as particularly valuable. **Two dragon eights alternate with shiny black onyx gemstones, only interrupted by small 925 sterling silver roundels, which set highlights depending on the light.**Adapted to the look of the dragon eight beads, a large 925 sterling silver pearl in wire design adds a sexy accent.** The bracelet is safely closed with a carabiner clasp.Size/Dimensions/Weight:Length: approx: 21.5 cmextendable to 23.4 cmWidth: approx. 14 mm (d)Carabiner: 12 mm (l)Weight: 195 Kt.Materials used:Dragon Agate RondelleTwisted Onyx OlivesOther: 925 sterling silverLovingly designed and made by hand with the utmost care. (HeHo-KreART) Handcrafted jewels are characterized by a special charisma.The agate with its many subgroups belongs to the quartz family. Due to its firmness, its appearance of concentrated force and its immutable properties, the stone is a symbol of wisdom. The agate stands for a rich and long life. He gives courage and joy, strength and health, makes the heart calm and the gaze fixed.The Onyx protects us from negative influences, among other things. The Onyx stands for self-confidence., design bracelet

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