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Victorian Venetian Glass Brooch - OriginalNice original Victorian brooch of Venetian glass - gorgeous copper color glass with fused blue glass. Probably dates from the Grand Victorian era (1880 - 1901)-- typical Victorian setting of rolled gold. Brooch measures 1 5/8" across by 1 1/4" in height across, with period correct tube hinge and "c" clasp closure. Was probably a highly prized souvenir piece from a Grand tour stop in Venice. While the English glass work dominated the 18th Century, by the Victorian era, the Venetians were known for their beautiful glass work. A very unusual piece!!In 1817 an Englishman named John Turner discovered a technique for applying a thin layer of karat gold over base metal. He patented his discovery and entitled it: \u201cCertain improvements in the plating of copper or brass, or a mixture of copper and brass, with pure or standard gold or gold mixed with a greater portion of alloy, and the preparation of the same for rolling into sheets.\u201d Rolled gold jewelry was very popular during the 19th Century, but became less popular during the Edwardian era as fashions changed and jewelry became lighter and more delicate.Please see my other original Victorian brooches at http://www./shop/victoriansentiments?section_id=7179660. I've got a great selection of other Victorian jewelry too!, victorian jewelry

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