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Beautiful pink conch shell silver ring999 silver ring, .999+ fine silver999 silver ring, size 4.75



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Queen Conch Shell ring, pure silver .999+If you are looking for a nice pure silver band ring that will not tarnish after every use then this is the ring for you.Beautiful conch detail made with rolled fine silver and a queen conch shell bead.This rind was made using pure .999+ APMEX silver, the metal was hand rolled for adding strength.The joint was arc welded using an expensive tool so this is not going to be a soft torched or laser soldered pure silver ring, and stays at a high purity because no solder was used.This is a beautiful simple piece of jewelry that you can wear everywhere you go. The beauty of pure silver makes a difference when compared to sterling and also it is a low maintenance ring, basically no cleaning needed.Size US: 4.75, would also fit a US size 5Silver Purity: .999+ fine silverWeight: 3g, 999 silver ring

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