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ammonites, Real Tiny Opalized Ammonite Fossil Pendant



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Real opalized ammonite fossils! These guys are sooo tiny! They're inside a small glass vial with ornate silver-color metal caps carefully glued at each end. They are loose inside of the bottle so you can see them from different angles! Comes on matching chain..What are ammonites?Ammonites were predatory, squidlike creatures that lived inside coil-shaped shells. Like other cephalopods, ammonites had sharp, beaklike jaws inside a ring of tentacles that extended from their shells to snare prey such as small fish and crustaceans. Some ammonites grew more than three feet (one meter) across\u2014possible snack food for the giant mosasaur\u00a0Tylosaurus.Ammonites first appeared about 240 million years ago, though they descended from straight-shelled cephalopods called bacrites that date back to the Devonian, about 415 million years ago. Ammonites were prolific breeders, lived in schools, and are among the most abundant fossils found today. They went extinct with the dinosaurs 65 million years ago. Scientists use the various shapes and sizes of ammonite shells that appeared and disappeared through the ages to date other fossils.( almost all my bone jewelry, especially ones with skulls, these can be fragile and should be handled and worn with care. Fine for everyday wear I've never had one break on me while wearing it, just don't do anything too crazy!Feel free to contact me on here or on Instagram if you have any questions!, fossils

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