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Lucky Irish Copper Cufflinks1980 birthday, Year 1980 Coin1980 birthday, 40th Birthday Gift for Men1980 birthday, Genuine Irish Halfpenny Coin1980 birthday, Birthday Gifts for Men



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Lucky Irish Copper Cufflinks, Year 1980 Coin, 40th Birthday Gift for Men, Genuine Irish Halfpenny Coin, Birthday Gifts for MenNOTE: Your cufflinks will show the year 1980** 3 day shipping option in US for fast delivery at checkout **Welcome to World Coin Cufflinks!==== ABOUT THESE CUFFLINKS ====\u26ac These cufflinks are made of genuine Irish halfpenny coins, year 1980.\u26ac An image of an ornamental bird, taken from the Book of Kells, features on the obverse side of the coin.\u26ac The other cufflink, features the Irish Harp\u26ac The harp is the national emblem of Ireland and symbolises the history, culture andheritage of the Emerald isle.\u26ac Made by hand not machine.\u26ac Comes in a beautiful silver gift box.==== ABOUT US ====\u26ac We have been selling on Etsy since 2010.\u26ac We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all our products.\u26ac We have over 5,600 sales on Etsy with 5 star feedback.\u26ac See more cufflinks and coin jewelry in our shop:https://www./shop/worldcoincufflinks==== MORE ABOUT THE IRISH HARP ====\u26ac The harp became the emblem on Irish coinage in the 16th century, and since then, has become a significant marker of national identity.\u26ac In 1862, the world famous Guinness Brewery adopted the Harp as its company logo.\u26ac The New Free State started to use the symbol (although facing the opposite way) as itsofficial seal.\u26ac The well-known Samuel Beckett bridge in Dublin City, which opened in 2009, itsdesign was influenced by the harp on an Irish coin.\u26ac Today, the harp is based on one of Ireland's national treasures, the Trinity CollegeHarp, also known as the Brian Boru Harp, believed to have dated back to the 15thcentury.Thank you for shopping at World Coin Cufflinks!, coin cufflinks

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