Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

ammolite, Ammolite mens ring.Ammolite Mans ring.Patriotic ring.Ring for men.Rainbow ammolite ring.Canadian Gemstone.Ammolite jewelery.#051919



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If you are the one that goes his one way and wants a totally unique ring--Ammolite is the answer.Powerful mans ring.The ammolite:This is a large 16x12mm four color ammolite with astonishing brilliance and color.Shifts colors with every move too.The setting.Heavily carved sterling silver.This patriotic ring has a patriotic history as it was originally designed and hand made by a group of disabled veterans.There is an eagle carved on each side of the ring shank commemorating the service rendered by its designer and makers.An ammolite mans ring of distinction.A Canadian gemstone, ammolite cabochon

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