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MAJESTIC BLUE BOMBER 8mm Swarovski crystal necklace in Majestic Blueswarovski crystal, Blue crystal necklaceswarovski crystal, Blue Swarovski necklace



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Genuine Swarovski CrystalsS\u00f3L \u263c Crystal Jewelry \u2013 Get ready to sparkle!!MAJESTIC BLUE BOMBER is a bright blue 8mm necklace scene-stealing necklace! The majestic blue Swarovski crystal almost glows. Gorgeous in its simplicity and not mixed with any other colors. Set in antique silver, it can be clasped between 15" and 18" or longer by request.A matching bracelet and earrings can be made upon request!Compare to similar brands and you will see that the one and only, original S\u00f3L \u263c Crystal Jewelry matches or surpasses the others in quality and price! All jewelry is designed and hand set by me in high quality settings. Each piece of my jewelry is made with love and extra special attention to details. I hope you love it as much as I love making it for you! \u2665 \u2665 \u2665Please contact me for custom requests. No extra charge!, blue crystal

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