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WINDOWED Styled Hand Crafted Solid Copper 7"x1/2" Large Bracelet with Jedicopper bracelets, Crescent Mooncopper bracelets, Starscopper bracelets, Zia Sun #CB- 026



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This is a HAND CRAFTED from a Copper sheet CUFF BRACELET. It is a 7" LONG 1/2" WIDE cuff. The Solid Copper Bracelet is HAND STAMPED with STARS & CELESTIAL Symbols. THIS IS STAMPED WITH WINDOWED CRESCENT MOON, EXPLODING STAR, GROUP OF STARS, ZIA SUN, AND JEDI SYMBOLS. It will fit a Womens -X Large or a Man's LARGE Wrist. The Pictures should represent the size and opening. EACH PURCHASE IS FOR ONE (1). **** THE BRACELET IS TUMBLE HARDENED FOR DURABILITY AND REQUIRES A BIT OF EFFORT TO ADJUST IT. IF YOU WANT A PARTICULAR SIZE PLEASE STATE THE SIZE YOU WANT. I CAN MAKE IT UP FOR YOU WITH NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE. IT WILL TAKE A FEW DAY'S TO MAKE**** The size of the cut SHEAR I formed it from was 7" x 1/2" The Bracelet Has Many differant Design Stamps and should stand out well with the DEEP symbols. It has been polished. Any Questions Please E-MAIL me. #CB-026, made in usa

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