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Materials: Solid Sterling Silver, Baltic Amber and Mountain Rock CrystalSize: Length of necklace 22 in. // 55.8 cmThis stunning Sterling Silver collar necklace is a replica piece from Gotland Sweden. It features 5 lenses faceted in Sterling Silver with 5 hand crafted Sterling Silver replica beads and Sterling Silver spacers to separate them from the hand polished mountain crystals. It is finished off with a hand crafted clasp!All of the dots you see on the silver, known as filigree, has been meticulously hand placed by silver smiths in Sweden. This was a technique used by the Norsemen themselves!More about Gotland:Currently the largest island of Sweden, Gotland in the Viking Age was a massive and independently run trading hub. Over 700 Viking hoards have been found on the island, and archaeologists have identified more than 50 coastal Viking settlements here.Gotland existed between Baltic trading ports and mainland Sweden, so naturally many of the artifacts and treasures exist from trading voyages to the east.Treasures found include glass, amber, iron, carnelian, beeswax, furs, garnet, antler, and rock crystal that was used to craft the famous Visby Gotland crystal balls.Carved runestones can be visited in Gotland as well, erected in the Viking Age with splendid artwork and runic inscriptions.**Don\u2019t forget the silver**Vikings in Gotland developed complex ways to analyze silver for trade, and they preferred more than 95% purity.They collected silver coins and wore hacksilver bracelets (which they used to literally \u201chack\u201d pieces off of for payment, talk about wearing your wealth). They likely used silver in Gotland to facilitate trade between Eastern and Western partners. Over 180,000 silver coins have been discovered on Gotland alone (that we know of!).***If you have any questions please feel free to message me any time!, jewelry

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