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Vintage Sterling Arizona State Charmgrand canyon, Souvenir Travel Charmgrand canyon, F in Circle Makers Markgrand canyon, Shape of Stategrand canyon, Major Cities and Tourist Attractions



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Vintage Sterling Arizona State Charm, Souvenir Travel Charm, F in Circle Makers Mark, Shape of State, Major Cities and Tourist AttractionsThis Vintage Charm is a Wonderful Souvenir with Raised Design. On the back, it Is Marked Sterling with F in Circle Makers Mark. This is for FORT Sterling, Known for State Charms.The Charm is in the Shape of the State of Arizona. The Front has a Raised Design with Main Cities, Star for the Capital of Phoenix, Flagstaff and Tucson. Also has a Cactus, Grand Canyon National Park, Mountains and a Cowboy on Horse.Condition: Excellent with Nice Patina and Some Wear to the BackMeasurements: 3/4" by 5/8", cactus

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