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cartoon, Ziggy Charms and Pins Rainbow Skating Hanging from a Star Fuzz the Dog Heart Vintage Cartoon Comic Love Valentine



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These are gold plated and enamel charms and pins dated from around 1979. They were found in a box of charms all dated from that time. They all have a Tom Wilson Productions Copyright on the back so they are official Items. These are not new items and although they are in near mint condition they still have some age to them. The charms are Approx 3/4 an inch to an inch big. Ziggy sitting on a rainbow is the smallest.PLEASE NOTE: The last Ziggy Skating pin I have has a little bit of cracking in the enamel. You can only see it close up and it doesn't take away from the pin. It is what I would consider normal aging for a 40 year old pin. I will ship this item in a card and envelope First Class Mail. If you have any questions please let me know ahead of time. Thanks for looking!, dog

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